We offer pulverized top soil and compost blended garden soil. We shred and blend soil daily – as long as it’s not raining!
We’ll deliver direct to your location or you can haul your own!

Top Soil and Compost Blended Garden Soil

We have pulverized top soil and Craig’s “famous” compost blended garden soil.

Pulverized Top Soil

Shredding a load of pulverized top soil for delivery.

Compost Blended Garden Soil

A blend of top soil, manure, leaf compost and fine sand – Great for the vegetable garden!

Delivering a Load of Soil

Delivering a load of soil.

Garden Extras

We also have quality landscape fabric, pins and grass seed.

Landscape Fabric

We have quality landscape fabric available in 3 width. It can be cut to length or is available in 300′ or 50′ rolls.

Grass Seed

We have a variety of grass seeds available by the pound.

Painter Pebbles

Check out our awesome rocks for painting!