Experience the timeless beauty of natural stone.

Our sister company, Glacial Ridge Stone LLC., is a producer of natural building and landscape stone. Established in the summer of 2014, Glacial Ridge may appear young but our team’s experience equates to more than 50 plus years in the building stone industry. Our stone is being mined from several quarry sites located in Northeast Wisconsin. Our stone was formed and enhanced under millions of tons of glacial pressure and movement leaving us limestone blessed in warm earthy tones including silver grey, buff, russet brown, with stratified and weather-edged accents. If you are considering a water feature, retaining wall or a home clad in beautiful natural stone let your journey begin with Glacial Ridge Stone LLC.

Glacial Ridge Outcrop Stone

Our Glacial Ridge Outcrop stone is great for large or small retaining walls, edging landscape beds or as landscape accents. Is is available in our Glacial Ridge Rustic and Nantucket Grey.

Glacial Ridge Rustic Outcrop Stone

Available in a wide range of sizes from bench stones, bobcat size, and one and two man sizes.

Glacial Ridge Accent Stones

Great natural accents for berms and landscape.

Nantucket Grey Outcrop Stone

Nantucket Grey Outcrop Stone available in a wide range of sizes from bench stones, bobcat size, and one and two man sizes.

Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders and Cobbles – beautiful multi-colored wi granite boulders that can be used in any landscape design. We segregate our granite in the following increments: 2-3″, 4-8″, 8-12″, 12-18″, 18-24″, 24-36″.



Great natural accents for berms and landscape.


Construction Aggregates

GRS offers a superior selection of crushed limestone products for commercial and residential projects. Our aggregate is available from 3/8″, 3/4″, 1.5″, 3″ in both crushed and screened form.

Building Stone Veneer

ur building veneer is produced from our Northern Ridge and rustic limestone slabs. We offer several different varieties of full veneer, Rustic, Mosaic, Split Rock and Castle-rock. You can expect coverage of 42-45 sq’ per ton. We do offer our veneer in a Thin-line size upon request.