Disclaimer: This mulch calculator is for estimating purposes only. Kisser Stone and Garden is not responsible for actual required amounts.

How much mulch do you need to dress your garden? Enter the area of your garden in square feet and the desired depth of mulch. Click on the [Calculate] button and this calculator will return the number of cubic yards required. See below for square foot calculators for your beds and trees.

You may enter the area and depth with decimals or fractions (e.g. 4.75 or 4 3/4),
but the results are in decimal form with two digits to the right of the decimal point.

Mulch Volume Calculator

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cubic yards of mulch

Area Calculator

Linear Calculator (for beds)

Enter the length of the sides of the bed in feet and this calculator will return the area in square feet. This calculator will work with rectangular areas (sides a & c are equal as are sides b & d) as well as trapezoidal (two sides of the area must be parallel) shaped area.
Note the trapezoid pictured. Enter the parallel sides of the bed in box c and a with the longest side in box a.


Shape of bed


square feet

This calculator uses the formula shown below:
Trapezoid formula

Circle Area Calculator (for trees)

Enter the radius of a circle, and the calculator will return the area. A radius is a straight line extending from the center of a circle to the circumference or surface (the radius of a circle is half the diameter.)

To calculate the sq ft area around a tree:

  1. Figure the depth of the bed around the tree (from tree to outer edge)
  2. Add the radius (half the diameter) of the tree
  3. Enter the total into the radius box below and click on calculate to determine the total bed area
  4. Then calculate the area of the tree itself and subtract it from your total bed area.

**Be sure to subtract the area of the tree after calculating your total bed area rather than not including it.

for a bed extending out 5 ft. from a 2 ft. diameter tree,
you would calculate for 6 ft. radius (5 plus 1/2 of tree diam.),
then calculate for the radius of the tree (1 ft.) and subtract:

113.10 - 3.14 = 109.96 sq. ft.

Calculating just as a 5 ft. bed gives a result 31.43 sq. ft. short of the true area.

Enter Radius:
Circle Area: (square feet)